2001 Bullitt spits gas back out when filling up


New Member
Apr 26, 2004
I have a 2001 Bullitt Mustang that's a daily driver. I've had a couple of other SN95 cars (1994 and 2003), and I've never had a problem filling the tank. On this Bullitt though, if I'm getting gas and lock the handle on the gas pump, by the time the pump shuts off automatically it spits fuel back out the filler neck. It fills the little area with the filler neck, usually runs down the quarter, and it also drains out on the ground back behind the rear tire.

Any ideas what can cause this? I've had the tank down several times. I can't find anything obvious--no kinked lines, no blockages, etc. The tank and filler neck are original to the car. I can't see where anything around the fuel tank has ever been messed with. Any idea on what to try next? The '94 and '03 Mustangs I had never did this. For now, I'm just estimating how much gas the car needs and try to cut it off before it's full.
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