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Apr 16, 2010
Does anyone know how to disconnect buzzard that beeps when seat belt is not on, I think it's the same buzzard that beeps when door is open? Thanks would be nice to work on my car with door open and radio on and buzzard is not driving me nuts lol. I tried to listen to hear where the buzzard is but it is hard to pinpoint.
Thanks again!
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Seems like a buzzard wouldn't be all that hard to find in a Mustang.....but I digress....in the back of the drivers door on my 03, there are two plugs in the door. One controls the lock solenoid, the other runs the dinger. Unplug the noisemaker plug and you lose all noisemakers, at least on mine anyway. Seatbelt, door, headlight minder, and dome light. Only problem I've had is a dead batt from leaving the lights on, oops.
I feel your pain with the buzzer. If yours is like mine, there is a procedure in the owner's manual for turning off the buzzer. I have done it in mine as well as my Dad's Lightning. If you have your owner's manual, check it out and then you don't have to dig for or disconnect anything.

That being said, buckle up. Safer that way. :nice: