2002 Mustang Still Not Idling Please Help!!!!!

Thomas Holton

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Oct 22, 2016
I already posted on here I changed my iac back to my original and cleaned it as well as the throttle body. When I start he car it will idle for a second then immediately start Dieing it goes to super low idle and then just turns off. It's throwing all kinds of codes. Cylinder 7 misfire, injector circuit cylinder 7 open, air iput high and low, misfire on start up first 100 rpm, also 4 heater banks are high. I don't know what to do someone please help!! I just want to get ia running without spending thousands of dollars!
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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
Bottom line. EXPECT the idle to be poor anytime there are outstanding Mis-fire related DTC codes. In general ALWAYS resolve mis-fire related DTC's first before moving down the list.

Just wondering. Have you checked all of the fuses? Especially F2.2 and F2.8 (O2 heaters!!)

1999-2004 fuse panel schedule:

If asked for an educated guess, you also have a bad electrical connection to fuel injector #7. Either the connector is bad, the connector is loose, or the fuel injector is bad.

Also it's always a good idea to post the full DTC codes. There are 1000's of them and they each have a story to tell. (no need to post until the next round of repairs have been done).

Gearbanger 101

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Aug 10, 2002
Ontario, Canada
Switch your COP's (coil on plug) around from 7, to another cylinder and see if the problem follows. If the miss follows the COP, then you know you have a bad one.