2002 PCV Valve Hose

Hello all, showing some love to the PCV system on a 2002 V6 (About 124k miles) . I was going to check the PCV Valve and it lifted right up with absolutely no resistance (It still rattles). That doesn't seem right so I'm guessing the grommet is no good. Might as well order a new PCV Valve and hoses for preventive maintenance while I'm at it.Here's what I have
Two "Dorman (42049) PCV Valve Grommet
One Motorcraft EV152D PCV Valve
One Motorcraft KCV112 Hose (This connects to the cold air intake)

My problem is finding a replacement hose that connects the actual PCV Valve to intake
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Jun 17, 2018
3/8" fuel hose should suffice. Verify the PCV nipple and the nipple on the intake are the same or very nearly the same size, then pick up some fuel hose (likely 3/8") about a foot longer than the factory formed hose, so you have enough length to make the run without kinking the hose. Note, on my GT there is a hard plastic line with short lengths of rubber hose on each end connecting to the PCV and the intake side, if that is what you have you'll only need ~1ft of hose to replace both pieces. Cheers!
Seems rational. The hose in question is in decent condition so I'm going to blow some compressed air through it to check for sludge (it should be fine). When I connect it back properly I'll spray it with a coat of 303 UV protectant spray. Great advice, I should keep some of that 3/8" fuel hose as backup, right next to my serpentine belt backup.
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