Expired 2005-2014 Mustang Koni Sport Yellow Adjustable Struts And Shocks

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Mar 30, 2015
Almost new - only installed on the vehicle for about a month. The fronts are part number 8741-1494 and the rears are 8241-1240. They are about $800 new. The reason for selling is that I no longer own the vehicle. I tried fixing the horrible ride on my 2014 GT Track Pack with these and they definitely helped. But compared with a buddy's 2015 Ecoboost w/Performance Package, the car still rode horribly to me, so I traded it for something else.

The price is $600 shipped to your location in the lower 48 states. They are located in Lafayette, IN, so if you are close, we could arrange pick up.

Also partially pictured are GT500 upper strut mounts which 2011+ Mustangs will also need. Those are not included in the price, but if you are interested, we can discuss them as they are also for sale. I didn't post a separate ad for them as I didn't think anyone would be looking for these by separately, but not everyone needs them either, so I didn't want to hold back the sale of the Konis by ladening the sale with these as must-go-with.

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Not open for further replies.