2005 Gt Transmission Issue


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Jan 19, 2001
Waycross, Ga / Lake James, NC
I recently bought my Son a 2005 Gt that has a Vortech V2 Supercharger among other mods including a "Tremec" transmission. The PO doesnt know anything about the trans except that the guy he bought it from said he chaged it out because of the increased HP. I say all of that to ask....The Hurst Competition Plus shifter is so sloppy that you fight to find the gears. Hurst says they can sell me replacement mounts but the shifter "base" isnt loose...Its the linkage. I am preparred to buy a new shifter but if this shifter isnt the correct one for the transmission I would be throwing $ away. I am not new transmission swaps as I have a Dodge Viper t56 in my 66', I just cant see any casting numbers to know what I'm dealing with.
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Jul 5, 2013
There is only one external "link" from shifter to transmission, it has bushings in the ends, could be they are missing.

The Hurst itself, like other shifters for that car, consist of a stick with a ball near the bottom that rides in a round socket in the mount. I doubt that's the problem.

Could even be internal shift linkage inside, but my bet is on the bushings between the single linkage piece and bottom of the Hurst missing or damaged somehow. The Hurst will rotate and swing all over the place .... the angle and travel it requires to navigate the three gates or forward vs rearwards position depend on that single link and the linkage in the transmission.
Tremec makes the Mustang's stock OEM transmission.