2008.5 Mustang Bullitt Shows Its Hand


Admin Dude
Nov 29, 1999
Auburn, AL
So you're wanting a little more horsepower than the stock Ford Mustang GT, but cant stand to pay the price for the Shelby GT500, what is a Mustang enthusiast like yourself to do? Enter Ford with its brand new Bullitt edition Mustang. It's been rumored since the introduction of the S197 body style, but we haven't seen any really solid information until now, and the information sounds great!

2008.5 Bullitt.... I want! I want! I want!

This is unbearable. One tid bit of info at a time. Does anyone have anything else as far as info on this car? I loved the 2001 Bullitt but ended up getting a GT. I am in the market, and this could be the one. OK all I know so far is that Highland green will be an option, 400 HP N/A 4.6 v-8, handling package, big brakes, and 6-speed.

What about price? Production numbers? Calendar release date? Anything?

Where can I look for the latest info? Is this as good as it gets? :shrug: