Engine 2013 GT Crank, but no start...no spark


New Member
Sep 3, 2020
I recently swapped out a 2011 V6 engine, for a good low mileage used coyote. I had to replace an exhaust cam, as it had a badly damaged lobe. I did not time the entire engine, I just put marks where the right cams were, then reinstalled in same positions, slapped the chains on it, and put it back together. Now that i'm trying to start the engine, I'm getting no spark at any of the coils. Both pins on the coil plugs are reading very low voltage, like in the Mv range (With key on, same readings).
My question is: if I somehow got the timing screwed up, would this cause a no-spark situation? I have replaced the CKP, and put my PCM into another car and it ran just fine. I'm running out of possible bad components here. I'm also getting no DTC's. Someone please help!
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