2014 V6 Premium. How's It Handle And Drive?

Okay, so it has been a while and later in the year I may be able to pay cash for a 2014. I want the v6.

How does it handle and drive? How is the stock exhaust sound?

I've been in a 2009 focus coupe for 5 years now and actually like the handling characteristics and low end power. Though it hits the best torque range around 3krpm and up. Is this new 305hp v6 going to be a decent upgrade? Any issues to look out for?

Sorry, I didn't find a better place to post this.
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For me, 305 hp is plenty. Hell, the 05-09 GT's had 300 hp.

Depending on if you get the manual or automatic, the auto's come with 2.73 gears, will add to the "fun" of the car. The auto is more aimed towards the 31 mpg end of the range. The performance package comes with 3.31 gears, and GT suspension and brakes.

The nature of an overhead cam engine is to hit the best torque/power band in the mid-rpm range, which isn't a bad thing. You could also solve this "issue" with some minor tweaks, a.k.a gears.

On the exhaust side, sound is such a subjective subject. I have the Ford Racing sports mufflers and love the sound. Borla makes them, and also offer 3 options themselves. Other options include Roush, Magnaflow, Pypes, Dynomax, MRT etc. Depending on your choice, you may end up with a "Nissan 370 Z" kind of sound. However, the 3.7 will not sound like a 5.0.