285's in the Rain?


Dec 3, 2017
I'm really considering getting a set of aftermarket wheels and tires to go from the stock 235's to a squared up set of 285's on 19x10 wheels for my 2018 GT. What I really want to know is, who here drivers in an area where you get constant wet roads and heavy rains? I live in the PacNW. How does the ride and handling of the car seem affected when constantly dealing with heavy rains with such a wide tire on your pony?
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Aug 3, 2003
Washington State
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My last pony car was a 2002 Camaro SS 6-speed. It had 275s all around when I bought it in Portland, OR in 2002. Was OK in the rain but the summer 275s were crap in the snow. If I were actually going to drive it in snow again, I'd have fitted all-season 275s and would have been fine.

The Mustang SHOULD be similar. Mine is due in late Feb and I will go with 285s all round but, being in SoCal, will go with summer tires since I have a 4WD truck for winter. In fact, I have the wheels and tires waiting for the car. Good luck to you, sir.

I think mine will do just fine, based on past experience with VERY similar 275s. Hope I'm not wrong ... :)
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