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Feb 29, 2004
Champaign, IL
Hey all,I know this is not for a Mustang but I need some advice...... I am building a 1926 Model T with a 1968 C code 289. The engine is a low mileage pull from the early 70s that sat up until a month ago. I got it fired up and it sounds good. I am getting ready to purchase a cam for it and am trying to decide between the XE268 and 270H from Comp Cams. I have a set of GT40P heads with tri wye long tube headers that have been clearanced to fit, and edelbrock 1405 carb, a Performer RPM intake, and a recurved distributor. The car will weigh around 2000lb with the stock C4 and 3.90 rear gears. It will not be a daily driver, will have power drum brakes all the way around, and I want it to sound agressive. Any one have any thoughts on the two cams or other recommendations? TIA
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I had a 268H in a 79 302, and with Rhodes lifters and a 4 speed manual, you could still tell it had a cam. Without the cool lifters, I would not have wanted a stock convertor. Your rod is enough lighter that it will not take long to get in the torque band.
You should really ask comp cams tech line directly.
Thanks for the replies all, I called Comp Cams and they recommended the XE262 which seemed a little weaker than I wanted. Thats why I was asking around about the other two. I may try and submit the online form and see what shakes
Good advice. Smaller cams typically work better on the street. My '68 rarely sees 1000 miles per year and yeah it's a little tough to imagine living with it as a daily driver. I can't imagine if it were an auto trans.
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Comp gave you the best answer. If you use a different convertor, the answer will be a bigger number.
Or if you just want the answer you already have in mind and are going to do any way, tell us what cam you want to use so we can parrot it for you.:rolleyes: