289 t5 questions


New Member
Oct 15, 2018
Hi, I’m doing a 289 with a t5 and I need some help. So if I do a 87-93 clutch, flywheel, transmission, and throw out bearing, and separator plate will that all work? Also will a 87-93 Bell housing fit directly on the 289? Am I missing any components to make this swap work? Thanks!
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SN Certified Technician
Apr 12, 2002
first make sure you have the correct imbalance factor on the flywheel. for your 289 it should be 28oz imbalance. as for the clutch itself, if the flywheel has the bolt pattern for the pressure plate, then you can us the newer pressure plate and disc with no issue. the bell housing will fit the 6 bolt 289 blocks, but not the earlier 5 bolt blocks. just remember that you either need to change the pivot point of the throwout fork, or convert to a cable or hydraulic clutch linkage. the block plate should match the bell housing, and there are two for the SBF. one for a 157 tooth flywheel and one for a 164 tooth flyqhwwl. get the right one otherwise teh starter wont line up properly.the throwout bearing should match one used for the T5.

google T5 swap into early mustang and plenty of links will pop up. read through them before trying this swap. its easy enough if you have ever installed a transmission before, but there are nuances to the swap that can trip you up if you are not careful.