Roush 3 piece Sterns on ebay!

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He's likely a member of this site.
I remember seeing his location under his avatar as "sternville" just like the name in the ad.

Figure it's gonna take about $150-$200 to refurb each one. So add $800 to whatever the winning bid it.
Why on earth doesn't one of the hundreds of wheel replica companies reproduce the 3-piece Stern wheels?!?! :shrug: They wouldn't even have to be a true 3-piece, just the look would be acceptable.
I think that this sellers assertion that these are the best looking wheels ever for a Fox-body Mustang is 100% correct! :hail2:
There was a replica company doing them. Haven't seen them in a while though, they were discontinued the same way.

Maybe the rivet design costs too much time and energy to be bothered.

foxbodysaleen19 said:
I had mine redone for only $300.00 total including powder coating and polishing. It isn't as expensive as you think. As for his location, he's local to me!!! :) I paid $1500.00 for mine 3 years ago so it's still a good deal.

If I were to buy these? Where would you send them to be repaired?


Oh, if anyone wants a set of 80's BMW 320i recaro seats with Mustang Fox body rails ( attachments brackets and sliders), let me know. 98/100 in condition
C'mon George, you can't be giving my location away!!!!! SHHHHHHH!!!!! HA, I'm kidding, I'm keeping my house but I am moving soon. I'l be local agin the first week in May. Whenever I'm driving around town I wonder if I' ever see your car cruise past in the opposite direction.
I'm in Virginia right now. Swwweeet, but colder than what I'm used to.
Yeah, the wheels didn't sell but that because I chose not to sell them. You know, this is what I have come to earn in the past dozen or so sets of wheels I have sold to the unquenchable SALEEN crowd for STERN wheels. I used to base my price solely on current condition, but then I sold an almost perfect set for 2500 bucks and the guy still pulled them apar and had them completely refurbished. So, my logic is, since the refurbishmnet is going to be done anyway, and the current condition of the wheels is such that there are no huge dents or gouges.....the prices should stay the same. Would you have to agree?
After this set, I don't know when I will be available to get another set out there...and there is underlying interest in the wheels still. They'll get sold.

Later!!!:SNSign: :flag: :nice:
I am ask constantly about my STERNS and where can someone purchase a set. I just mentioned your ebay auction to a guy last Saturday in Macon at the car show. I do love the attention my Saleen gets especially with the STERNS. I will always be in your debt for that.