302 Rebuild

Briseno Yeltsin

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Jun 20, 2013
Hey guys I'm new to the site and could use some help, I am rebuilding my 1969 mustangs 302w I have already striped it to the short block and added a couple of performance parts to it, I have added compcam xtreme energy camshaft, trickflow twistedwedge heads, crane cam rocker arms, ford racing single plane intake, holly 4 barrel 600cfm carb, compcam double roller timing chain, and a ford racing high volume water pump. What else can I do to give it some more power and better performance budget is not an issue.. I'm looking into making my stang into a street/strip car ...also what kind of horse power should I be seeing at the completion of my 302 based on any of you alls set up. Any advice would help and thank you guys


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