302 Sportsman block.....handle 600-650rwhp with....

I can get a sportsman block that needs a sleeve for $80
Will it handle 600-650rwhp with a shortfill....up to the water pump holes......
screw in frost plugs....ala boss 302.....and milodon 4 bolt main caps?
also do you think those main caps will keep the block from splitting completely? or should i use a stud girdle just in case? Dont want to ruin the internals

I will be using (for now) stock 88 pistons.....i know i know but theyre forged and if guys split 93 blocks with hypers at 500-550 these forged ones should be good for 600. H beam rods and a boss 302 crank and a alum flywheel
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the blocks typically split from the main to the cam. the milodon caps may help, but it is not the caps that break. the sportsman block is capable of handling that power with no problem.......... depending on how the power is applied.

we will assume a good tune on the car. the block will easily take that power on a turbo engine at 6500 rpm but might not n/a at 8700 rpm or with a big plate system

oh ya a girdles only function is a diaper to save parts
I understand the girdle thing, i havent heared of it prolonging block life except in peoples dreams.

But i do think the 4 bolt caps would help. Because the pic i saw of a broken block (which was the only evidence ive seen of a broken B50) chunks of the main webbing broke out.........and he was running 26lbs of boost.


I did read maybe 5 guys breaking them.......but they were all running a "safe" tune........which could have been anything. And they were all running blowers..or n2o......a turbo engine the block should last much longer