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Aug 11, 2003
Northern VA
Hello everyone. I'm a new member. I have a question about a 347 stroker kit. Seeing how I'm only 17, I wasn't lucky enough to afford any type of forced induction like my friend justin. Today he beat me with his turbocharged focus and im PISSED!! I wanted to know about this stroker kit. I have a 5.0HO(302) in my 1994 stang. Would I have to do any boring of the engine? Oh, if anyone knows of any good places that sell any type of forced induction for as cheat as it gets, please post it. I make $7.02 an hour with 16 hour weeks and I am suffering from my spotless insurance and my greedy father :bang: who happens to own a 2003 Mustang GT. Thanks
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If you want cheap, go nitrous...But a good nitrous setup that has the main parts - basic kit, bottle warmer, purge kit, window switch, pressure gauge, remote bottle opener...the cost gets up there. The cost of the 347 kit, plus the labor to machine the block and assembly and such is going to be close to the cost of force induction. Nitrous is a semi-cheap way to go, have you looked into trying to find a used s/c kit or something of the likes.
I've been looking everywhere for a used supercharger or turbo and I cant find a reasonable price. I need a price that will be there for a while. I know this guy selling his entire turbo kit for his stang for only 2600. I'd love to have that but at the same time, I cannot afford that, not by a long shot. I was looking in my Mustang mags and found a 347 stroker kit for $699. I figure i can't be spending more than $1000 for everything to be done and I'll be pushing in the 300 hp range pretty easily. Speaking of which, do you happen to know any numbers i could look for if i went with that kit? I just hate to use nitrous. I'm so against it. I think of it as the imports way to get a closer look at my bumper.
Do not EVER buy a CHEEP STROKER kit of ANY KIND...

BTW, you will have to pull the block, and then OVERBORE them .030 OVER making the block a "306" engine... then you need to buy HEADS and INTAKE to get OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE, btw, you will need 24+lb injectors, MAF and TB to get it all pieced up and worked VERY WELL.

BTW, many of the new imports will EAT you and whoever else drives a 98-lower-STOCK Mustang... 215hp/240tq doesnt mean much for our 10yr old vehicles anymore.

I suggest SAVE your pennies, and just buy THE BEST if you will be going internally, you do not want to go back and do it a 2nd time if it blows up on you... a 347 produces quite a stress level, cheap rotating assemblies just wont work for 30+k miles.

I sugges to go buy a 331 from EAGLE or D.S.S, and it will cost you around $1100+.
I personally choose 331 because it will last longer and puts LESS of a strain on your engine, meaning it will last longer without maintainence(rings, bearings...etc)

BTW, your 17 now, what about next year? your gonna change your name to 18yroldstanger?

Just curious...



PS: NO way in HELL are you going to do EVERYTHING for UNDER $1k unless you have friends that love to donate.
Im not running stock. I left out a few things in the signature due to the fact it couldnt be more than 500 characters. I just added them in. Around here, my setup:
Cold Air Intake
65mm throttle body
march underdrive pulleys
NGK Plugs
ford racing wires
flowmaster cat back
a little weight reduction

can win you some races against these imports. all they do is tint their windows, lower their cars, put on rims and a noisy tailpipe(sounds like a bean in a coffee can). Although I'm nothing to these American cars, I'm running big time against these ricers, and to me, thats all that matters. Americans guys stick together. I guess Ill add on as many bolt-ons as i can. Anyone have any I should do? Im going to put on headers and eventually pay for a hi-flow x pipe. Please, feel free to put in all of your input. This young guy here needs some knowledge.
The best thing you can do for your car is keep it tuned. Now with what you have done to the car, an exhuast system will do some good, but you wont really notice a whole lot right now, but I would either say un-equal shorties or longtubes and an o/r h-pipe. Other than that, an intake, head, and cam combo plus a dyno tune will pull a lot out of the car and put you a good ways ahead of most imports.
If i was you i'd save up a bit more until i could do some alluminum heads. A good set of heads should get you at least 30 rwhp that you will feel all the time, not just some of the time like nitrous. You can sometimes find people trying to sell used AFR 165's for $900 on stangnet or corral. Thats just my advice, go for the big proven gains, instead of small steps like exhaust, etc.
ive got gears and i already know how to do a lot of the exhaust and induction work. ive been in auto class for 3 years and bolt-ons are really fun for me. the heads sound good to me. after i repair this problem in the rear end, ill get right on it to saving my money for those heads.
I like chevys, but im a ford fan all the way. american V8 is and will always be untouchable. these ricers take their little CRXs and throw in a 300 hp crate engine and go ass wild. We American guys always have an answer. Ill drop in a 5.8 liter crate engine and watch as his headlights disappear at a rapid rate. Its not usually the imports i hate, its their owners. me and my dad are proof that american cars are wayyyyyy better. My dad is an asian and im half. we both dog those imports like they arent even cars.
i live in a county. stuff like that doesnt come through here. the hardest hitting cars we have are ALL american. i may not be able to take it, but some of these 600 rwhp cobras that run around here will make that supra :owned:
i like the sound of the MAF. My dad said that if i get one, i have to get into the computer on the car as well, not just calibrate it to my injectors. I think he is saying that bc he doesnt want me to beat his car. i also like the headers too. If you could give me some info on these items, id love to buy them off of you.