Suggestion for camshaft. Help appreciated.


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Nov 30, 2022
Hello all,

Beginning my first time build of a 347 stroker in a 66 Coupe. I will be running the Eagle stroker kit with flat top pistons, 030 over bore. Have AFR 185 heads and plan to get an edelbrock air gap intake. I want to stick around 9.5:1 compression ratio to still be able to run pump gas. Was looking for recommendations that will work well with my planned setup and have a decent idle as this will be more a street than strip build. I wouldnt really plan on going much over 6000rpm.

It is my understanding that most of the newer camshafts are steel and will require a new distributor gear to match that way they dont leave shavings, this the case?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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You can go as high as 10.5:1 and still be able to run pumpgas. I'm running a tad under 10.5:1 in my 410 stroker I run 93 octane and theres no pinging...

As far as distributor gears...You go with what is recommended by the camshaft manufacturer.. To save alot of confusion and compatability issues I always run a melanized gear on my distributors to be perfectly safe..

I go by the 128 median as a rule when choosing a camshaft.........You get the most bang for your buck using that method and is a proven method thats not used by camshaft technicians when you trust them to pick you out a camshaft..

When you call a camshaft manufacturer and a technician gives you a camshaft recommendation wait a day and re-call and I bet you get a different tech with a different recommendation too then compare their choices against the actual 126 formula for SBF........LOL

LSA=126-(CID/8/valve diameter x .91) & to figure out duration of IL you use this formula.. Overlap/2 (LSA plus divided overlap) x2 equals the duration of intake lobe needed.

Im running a high torque low rpm hydraulic flat tappet camshaft in my 410 stroker...with a A9L /Moates Chip plus AEM WB02 controller and my camshaft has under 220 duration w/.477"/.493" lift @ 1.6 ratio but running 1.7 ratio shaft mounts so lift is .503"/.524" and camshaft also has a 111* lobe separation...Im also running Edelbrock E-Street heads w/small valves and running flat tappet hydraulic EDM style lifters and Trick flow dished pistons that sit .042" out of the hole too..

When you build a perf engine for the street you want the piston flush w/deck height or a lil above...To keep a descent quench Im running Cometic MLS gaskets that are .092" thick and was a special order too as theres different gaskets for different apps ..My gaskets are made for cast iron block and aluminum heads to get a perfect seal...

Hp is 494 @ 5200 ...Tq is 568ftlbs from 3300-4300rpms and 509 @ 5200 with Edelbrock EFI Performer intake #3881......

When you can build an engine where torque and hp doesnt crossover & the torque number tops the hp throughout the whole rpm band you have yourself one baddazz mofo and one fun ride for the street & strip ...LOL

Even motorcycles rely on torque over horsepower to make their power .......

Whats awesome is my vehicle is a daily driver and at last topoff in my 33 gallon tank with a lil under an 1/8 tank still showing on the gauge netted me 604 miles on the odometer and most of those miles were city driven miles with a 5 speed...

Back in 1991 my vehicle when brand spanking new and only had 220hp plus riddled w/epa devices was rated at 12-15mpg ...LOL

Good Luck
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