351 headers


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Jan 10, 2011
92 GT, 9.5 based engine. Spends a lot of time running around on the street. EFI. Have a set of Hooker headers on it now and they suck to seal up, and it throws the o2 readings all over the place--plus the obvious exhaust stench from the many leaks. I hate them.

I see a lot of guys use BBK. Are you swapping the collectors or? The collectors are really restrictive on them. Kooks any better? I tried to order a set of those a while back and never got a response from them as to when/if they were going to be available, so I just cancelled and went on with life. Any other brand(s) out there that I should be looking at? AFR205, and I would prefer the wider pattern flanges if I can get them.
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Yes, the BBK headers are generally much better quality. I doubt the collectors are really that much of a restriction. Certainly not more restrictive than Hooker headers. Kooks are rubbish too. They hang way too low to the ground and scrub on everything.