351 in 83 mustang?


New Member
Apr 7, 2008
I was gunna put a 350 in my 83 but i just bought a late 70's grand marquie and it has a 351in it... im guessin its a windsor.... and for 100 bucks you cant go wrong for a runnin motor... but what i need help with is what is everything that i will have to get to put this in........ i thought that you didnt have to put a different oil pan on for those early 80's mustangs but from what i see on here you have to?
any help would be nice

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swap pan and pick up 150 bucks from most suppliers, and use 87-90 or so convertable mounts it drops the motor about .5 inches or so. You might want to get an 86 and up trans cross member as they have two humps for dual exhaust and the pre 86's just have one hump