351c Roller Setup


New Member
Mar 9, 2004
Well I was talked into going with a roller setup. Hydraulic Roller cams are available for the Cleveland, so it looks like a reasonable route to pursue. I know about the necessity of mounting the guide for the lifters in the valley, and what that entails....but how about everything else? What am I going to need to get a hydraulic roller cam in this motor? I'm concerned with the odd's and ends such as timing chain, lifters (I heard I could use ones out of an old 5.0 roller motor), and things of the sort.

Also, roller rockers. What would I need to set this stock 351c 2v up with decent roller rockers? Can I get the kit that they made to make these adjustables and then use the 7/16 roller rockers? Is the ratio 1.72?

Thanks guys. I want to start my purchasing soon, and need to factor in all the little things that would normally set me back.
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