351w build looking for help.

Hey guys. New to the push rod engines so I'm looking for some help. I bought a notch roller with a bunch of new parts that I want to utilize on my build since I already have them.

351w stroked to a 408 fully forged if that makes a difference. I have edelbrock performance intake II upper and lower that I'll be using with a intake spacer. Sve head 170cc flow. 61cc. From what I'm gathering these will hold the engine back ? They're new in the box so I'd like to use them. The shop that I order the rotating assembly from calculated a 10:6:1 compression. With that being said what cam would you guys recommend me using? That car for the most part will be street driven with trips to the track. Looking for the most hp na but I will be adding boost later when I get some one to buy my kenne bell.
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170cc sve heads would hold back an above average 302, on a 408 they shouldn’t even be legal lol.

I don’t really know what you’re looking at as far as budget goes, but most heads from trickflow, afr, or dart in the 205cc+ range would be a good choice. Then you’ll no doubt need a set of rockers since those will all take 7/16 stud rockers. That performer intake will probably leave a bit to be desired as well, but has potential to make decent power.

What are you running for exhaust?

Ed at flow tech would be my first option if I needed another cam, or Mark at bullet. I like the anderson stuff for ots cams, you can actually contact them and they can help set you up. Without knowing trans, rear gear, converter it’s kind of tough to make a real guess as to what you’re looking for.