351w with Trick Flow 11r heads with BBK tuned headers in 1995 SN95GT fit ?


Oct 16, 2018
Okee Wisconsin
I am looking at installing a 351w with Trick flow 11r heads into my 1995 sn95 and was wondering if the BBK tuned shorty headers will fit. Does anybody know this ?
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Jul 12, 2018
Running a 351W in the 95’ GT requires, lots of research to see what’s newly available.
Fortunately I’m at the tail end of it, I’ll convey what I’ve found.
Ive been researching, but not much has changed, lol. I’ve done a few in my life and a customer recently asked this of me regarding his Maverick Grabber. Has a complete 1990 302 EEC/ harness/ all sensors in a near stock 302 with only blower cams, TB, CAI, Hooker headers, i’d installed a 8 psi K.B. blower on a few years back.
Wanted more boost, told him it’ll blow his head gaskets, now it looks like a 351 stroked to a 427 project, lol. Maybe a 460 swap, he’s got $$, so that’s fine by me..lol.
I’ll convey what I’d recently found...Part #’s at P.S.
First, your Shortys likely won’t fit, they’ll crash into the Strut towers. MAC offers 351 swap headers (shortys), as well as FRP that will bolt to existing exhaust.
The motor weighs 100lbs over a 302, Aluminum heads will help offset that, Tubular K member, Aluminum Radiator, fiberglass or Carbon fiber hood, relocating your battery in the Trunk will also help get some weight over the rear axle.
Running EFI you’ll need to get a Truck’s Dizzy, one at the boneyard, or buy a new one for that App.
Height of deck is 9.203 in 351’s vs 8.206 with 302’s but only drops the ride height about 1/4-1/2” , not altering handling much, if at all. Running Convertible GT motor mounts will take care of that, don’t go too low or you will be bottoming things out over every significant bump.
Keep in mind the 351Wv, unless Internally balanced, requires a 28Oz offset balancer & Flywheel, Vs 50Oz 302
2) A 28oz front balancer & Flywheel vs.the 302’s 50oz offset
3) 302 brackets for the power steering, A/C will not work, they’ll have to be FRPP models.
4) The taller deck height means aftermarket 5.0 heads will work just fine, but now the heads are further apart, you.cant run any 302 intake parts, aside from uppers, you’re bottlenecked regarding OE 351 EFI components, but to run OE EFI, you can run:
A) A 351W OE (Truck) lower & upper will fit, (not a performance oriented duo)
B) Edelbrock’s 351W truck lower with the truck’s upper Not a performance piece).
C) A Car’s 302 Performer/Performer RPM upper.
D) TrickFlow’s 351W upper & lower,
E) FR’s setup on the Ford Lightning GT40 lower & upper, best paired withi a Cobra upper.
C) Most viable choice is to run a TrickFlow 351w EFI upper/lower manifold, depending on your goals, there’s the R series to match up with the heads you’re running.
D) Edelbrock 351 upper on an OE 351 Truck lower intake. Again, restrictive.
All OE (and many aftermarket) lowers are where the big restrictions are located.
These may be ported depending on what power levels you’re seeking, at what RPM’s, if you have any other specifics, don’t hesitate!!
Good luck!

FRPP PAN 5 QT PN (M-6675-A58) for Rear Sump Pan, Dipstick tube and Pickup.

(PN 20520)

Unless you’re going 500HP+ & going with race bearing clearances, (0.0025+) an OE Melling oil Pump is more than adequate, no reason to run high flow pumps in app’s other than this, actually deprives oil to certain engine components.

28OZ Flywheel::FRPP offers a billet steel, SFI-approved, 157-tooth flywheel (M-6375-A302)
FRPP steel damper (PN M-6316-C351), along with the M-8510-B351 or C351 spacer, which creates the proper alignment with the
serpentine system.
-A boneyard 75’-82 pulley vs running the spacer above: 3.400-inch with a four-bolt circle diameter, and a 3.950-inch with a four-bolt circle..
-From pan tovalve covers, the 351 is 3” taller than a 302. HP Motorsport offers solid motor mounts, which lower the 351W by 3/4 inch in the engine cradle, improving both hood clearance and center of gravity. Any clearance problems down below will be nil providing you're using the FRPP 351 pan, stock crossmember, and rack.
- The solid mounts aren't too severe on the street running the factory rubber trans mount--or aftermarket polyurethane mount.
-OE 5.0 Convertible motor mounts (PN E7ZZ-6038-E and E7ZZ-6038F)

-Edelbrock's 351W truck lower (PN 3884) with a 5.0 passenger car upper (Performer PN 3822 or Performer RPM PN 7125), and Trick Flow's 351 EFI Manifold (PN 5150000-4), which includes the upper and lower.

For racing purposes, Coast High Performance’s 351W EFI Spyder intake, which is a four-barrel Victor Jr. manifold with 1/2-inch fuel rails and a 90-degree Power Elbow that accepts up to a 90mm throttle body works well in this capacity, uncertain of your build, but- its

You can use the FRPP GT-40 setup used on the Ford Lightning or the Lightning lower and a Cobra upper. Other options include Edelbrock's 351W truck lower (PN 3884) with a 5.0 passenger car upper (Performer PN 3822 or Performer RPM PN 7125), and Trick Flow's 351 EFI Manifold (PN 5150000-4), which includes the upper and lower (also available separately). Yes, the 351W truck upper will bolt up to the engine, but it's not a performance piece and hood clearance problems prevail.

Since you inquired about MAC...MAC offers short-tube 351W swap headers (PN E358692) that will bolt up to the stock or stock configuration aftermarket H-pipe, (PN M-9430 R58 for '94-'95).
FRPP also has 302 to 351 Shorty’s, cost is very high. MAC, Hooker, Hedman, Coast High Performance, and a host of other manufacturers offer long-tube headers for the 302/351 swap.
Again, any other questions, just ask!
Hope this helps!
- John

one lay thing, running a Holley Terminator X or FI TECH TBI May be of interest....
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