3V Intake Runner Blade Questions

5spd GT

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Aug 7, 2002
Okay, I have a 3V intake off of an '06 GT. I had never seen "inside" one of these intakes and I noticed that each runner has, in effect, some throttle body style blades for each runner.

What are the purposes of this set-up? Is this the same as an IRMC valve, that comes on the SHO's and DOHC's?

Thanks for any help.
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That appears to be it. I could probably figure it out, but I did not look at it closely.

So what RPM does it open? I know the SHO opens at 3400 RPM, IIRC.

What are the purposes from Ford for putting the charge motion blades in?

Thanks for the reply so far.
Found this quote, which seems pretty typical of what I was thinking.

"At the end of each intake runner was a new-to-Mustang feature Ford called a charge motion control valve. At low engine speeds and light loads, these specially shaped control flaps closed to speed the intake charge and induce a tumble effect in the combustion chamber. That caused the fuel to mix more thoroughly and burn more quickly and efficiently. At higher engine speeds, the charge motion control valves opened fully for maximum flow into the combustion chambers."
I installed the delete plates on mine and the car runs the same. I've detected no loss of fuel economy or whatever they're there for. There was slight power increase , you need to have a tune increase timing when the delete plates are installed.
Some S197 owners have stated that their cars lost some low end torque after installing CMDP's subsequent to the installation of a tune that was designed for this mod.