4.6 Block Question


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Dec 29, 2013
Hey everybody i have a 1998 mustang gt that is basically stock except for suspension parts and little bolt ons here and there. My buddy had given me a engine from what he believes was a 2000 crown vic, i had taken of the intake and noticed that there was a heater tube that ran from the back of the water pump to the heater core, when i had replaced my intake in my engine i dont recall there being a heater tube that ran through the engine valley. My question is should i go ahead and look for another block that is the same year as mine? My heater core is bypassed anyways so i have no use for it.
I also was wondering after doing a pi head swap, with cams and all the other good stuff, what kind of intake should i be looking to get?
I had read about professional typhoon intake and a trick flow track heat intake and i had read that the edelbrock jr intake deletes the egr and i was wondering if these other after market intakes also do that?
Any info or suggestions are greatly appreciated
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My buddy had given me a engine from what he believes was a 2000 crown vic,
The two blocks should be exactly the same. In addition, the heads should the be same.

A 2000 Crown Vic should have a Romeo Non-PI. I believe the CV got the PI motor in 2001.

Also, when the heater core goes out, don't cut and cap the heater lines. Loop them. The design of the 4.6 needs the flow of water through the heater loop to purge air. Blocking the heater lines breaks this design.
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So yesterday me and my buddy tore down the engine and a few bearing spun on the crank so i figured it was a sign to upgrade so im just gonna go ahead and build the whole lower end forged witha 8 bolt crank, i also decided if im gonna build this engine im gonna build it strong, so im gonna go witha big bore kenne bell supercharger 2.1 l.
I figured i should probably go with a 8.5 to 1 compression ratio so i can push as much boost as safely possible. Or if there is a better compression ratio for supercharging?
I was wondering if i should get a teksid block or if the stock iron block with be able to take the abuse?
Also i was wondering, since im supercharging should i just stick witha stage 1 cam?
I would deffinatly appreciate any advice on what type of parts to use or any modifications i will have to do to make the s/c work. Or even anybody elses build ideas
Thank you everyone in advance, i appreciate any advice
I forgot to add that i had a question on what kind of fuel i would have to run, seeing how i live in rucson and there arnt too many gas stations with 93 or above
There are mostly 91 octane at all gas stations