4.6 cobra transbake


May 15, 2020
hey all! So I got a 96 cobra with a v2 supercharger and tons of other mods. It has a Aod with a manual valve body and a transbrake. So Last night was the first night I took it to the track, foot braked it the first 2 passes ran a 11.4 launched about 2500. Now the 3rd pass i used the transbrake, but it won't let it rev past 3k with it on. It doesn't have any msd 2 step or anything on it. When it hits the 3k it just stays there no popping and banging like a 2 step does. Its just like thats the transbrake rev limiter. This isn't a issue works great there but this is my first car with a transbreak so I was curious if this is some kind of aftermarket tune or is that just the stall of the converter so it won't go past that. I got the car built so I'm not sure what stall is in it. Thanks for the info ahead of time!
P.s. just thought of one more thing. So it has 4.10 gears and im running a 26x11.5 and I run out of rpm about 60ish foot before the finish line. Was thinking of going up to a 28in tall tire vs changing to a 3.55 or 3.73
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