408 stroker streetable??

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Sep 2, 2012
If David has not posted in three years, maybe the big motor left him stranded in the middle of nowhere to be eaten by a bear.
lol google brought me to this thread then I realized I posted in it before.............:p

So basically I was thinking about going with a 408 from ATK but I've just read too many bad reviews and such and the fact that they're so far away I'm not taking that risk.

I however have been thinking about a 427 from Prestige Motorsports and going with a 427 vs a 408 because it's only $500 more and makes more hp/tq. The car will be just a weekend streetcar, No Track and I will run AC and need it streetable, good drivability. I am not trying to do a max build at all and I'm sure I will be happy at around 400/400 rwhp and torque. Doug at Prestige said it may/should make more than 400/400 given that it's rated at 500/500 and they dyno their combos.

I have a 300 rwhp 94 cobra and a 500 rwhp 04 cobra so this 95 build will be a happy medium between the two. I know I could do another combo with a SC and make more power but I likely will not want to add a SC and just N/A is fine. I probably baby my cars more than anything but I do blow them out lol.

I have to decide rather I want to drive 3.5 hours to get it dyno tuned or go Holley terminator X and let Doug dyno tune it and fine tune it remotely without me having to drive the car to him 3 hrs.

My intentions are to run a TFS R (not box)
cam specs from them are: 243/251 @ .050, .565/.549 lift, 110 lobe separation
heads from them that they put on that combo: Prestige motorsports Aluminum heads, 2.02/1.60 valves, 59 cc Chambers, 185-cc intake
1 3/4 LT's

in relations to what he wanted to know about that 408 from atk, what are your thoughts on this? I also just called a local guy on building me something and awaiting his call. He is the only one recommended by a guy I know that used to race a lot and got all of his builds done through him so this guy is reputable. I will see what he has to say as far as being able to find me a block and if so I'll likely just go 408. If he can't then I am going to just have a shop like Prestige, ford strokers, or ZSR. I'll have to compare pricing. I know ford strokers does dart blocks though and about to call ZSR to see if they do stock block builds. I'll have to compare apples to apples in that regard stock block from prestige vs dart. I do have a quote from prestige.

The 500 427 is here:

The other's: