curious if anyone could help me decode the tranny code 4yyff, and give me a little info on that tranny, its on the back of a 250 inline six in what looks like a 79(one of the early foxes, not sure on the year) Im thinking off purchasing this trans to put on a 302, i know the 250's on the back are the same as 302s, but is this tranny gonna hold up to a mild 1974 302 4bbl?

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Ah ok, as i suspected.

You actually mixed the trans code with the spring codes as well as they are both listed under the TR

4 is the trans code.

YY is the front spring code
FF is the rear spring code

Anyway, 4 refers to the 4-spd manual...which i beleive is the SROD. Is it gonna hold up? I don't beleive so...but the bellhousing is the correct one to mount a Tremec 3550 to :)