5.0 Stroker Parts (347)

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I have the following parts that I have been saving for later use but have changed my mind on the project. The whole assembly was together and in my 94 Mustang which was running a 12.7 1/4 mile on a crappy tune! Unfortunately for me, the engine had some oil pump issues and screwed up some of the bearings. I was going to get this all fixed up for my car again but decided to go a different way. I already sold the rotating assembly so the block is all that is left.

I have a 5.0 (302) roller Engine Block out of a 1988 Mustang. Was rebuilt back in 2003 by a machine shop and used to have a 347 rotating assembly in it, so it was clearanced for 347 and bored 0.030 over.

Could use a light honing and cam bearings and maybe a line bore to be safe then will be good to go. One of the ears on the transmission mounting holes is broken off but I had it on my car that way with no issues (machine shop was going to fix for me but said it shouldn't affect anything so I left it). You can see it circled in the second picture below.

Also comes with HP Motorsports solid motor mounts, ARP head studs and main studs (may need replaced due to being one-time use maybe?) and also a chrome distributor hold down if you want it. I also have a set of lifters that are still good if interested for another $40. They are either Ford Racing or Crane I'm not sure.

$100 for the block, which is preferred to be picked up but could be shipped at buyer's expense.




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