5 speed swap using a 87-89 t-bird TC parts?


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Feb 20, 2007
my buddy wants to swap to a 5 speed in his 86 stang, it was a 6 with a auto, now it has a 88 ho motor and auto trans in it.
we found a 87 or 88 thunderbird Turbo coupe for cheap if we want.
my ? are...........
can we use the 5 speed tranz? if so do you have to change the input shaft or what are my options with that?

also can we use the 5 speed pedal cage from the T.C.
can we use most of the T.C. parts to swap his 86 stang to manual.
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the 4 cyl t5 will need a different pilot bearing but it will work. 1st gear might be a little lower than youd like. may not hold up to the power.

not sure if the pedals will work or not...i believe they will however, since t-birds up through 88 or 89 were still 4 lug and fox bodies.