60k - clutch on its way out


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May 7, 2005
Well my 2000 V6 coupe has sailed over the 60k mark and the clutch pedal started vibrating. I took it to a Ford dealer and they said it was the bearing or something and they want $1000 for a complete new clutch assembly, and that's NO DEAL. I am not interested in a racing clutch or any mad style after market stuff (I bought the car with an aftermarket intake and a true dual exhaust, haven't touched it since). I am not willing to shell out a grand for a new clutch to be put in by the Ford dealer, but I don't know where else to turn. Any suggestions? I don't mind a heavy clutch, but the stock one seemed to be just fine for me. I just want a nice clutch that'll last me at least another good 60k.

I have found a few sites where they sell whole kits from the $180s to the $350s, although I get the distinct feeling replacing a clutch is beyond my abilities.
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Do not go to a Ford Dealership, they are complete rip offs. If it is a transmission problem, take it to a small private shop or even Cotton Transmissions or something. My 2000 V6 has 93k miles and the entire manual tranny is still excellent. It may not be your clutch. Anyway, take it to at least two other shops and have them check it out and give you an estimate.