65 Convertible Restomod


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Mar 6, 2017
South Jersey
Hi all, New to the site. Getting ready to move on from months of agonizing sheet metal work to something that's actually a little more fun.

The 65's about ready to mate with the 94 convertible GT that I just bought of Craigslist. 5.0 litre, T5, 8.8 rear end. Basically the entire power train and EFI system will transition to the 65.

Trying to get an initial read as to what to keep and what to set aside. IE smog pump, emissions, etc. Should I move all that over to keep the ECU happy or can I dump some of it?

My initial thoughts on build;

Stock block, standard rebuild for lower end.
AFR heads
Edelbrock intake
Cam - Suggestions?
T5 stock rebuild - any suggestions here to beef it up?
Rear end to 3.73

I'd like to get to around 350 whp.

Already spent several hours on this site and many, many others doing my research, Plan on doing a lot more. I'd also like to start sharing my build as well.

Anyway, lots more reading ahead, looking forward to sharing tips and tricks.

In the beginning!

Off to see the stripper!

Buck A$$ Naked!



Primed and ready?

Back Home.

DS - Inner rocker replacement

New Rockers


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Mar 6, 2017
South Jersey
Rockers installed - Frame Rail Prep

FrameRail Prep.JPG

Transition pan outed - Torque box cover in.

Full one piece floor pan prep.
FloorPan Prep2.JPG

Floor pan Install
FloorPan Fullview.jpg

Passenger front fit-up
Passeneger Side Front Frame Rail.jpg

Passenger rear fit-up.
Passenger side TB.jpg

Car came from California - This was in the rocker panels. I think it spent some time on the beach in the 60's!
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Feb 12, 2014
Queensland, Australia
Looks like you are serious about having a really nice restomod considering the effort you are going to on the body.
I did similar with a donor car, first intended to just take the motor and trans as I wanted EFI. I'm over carbys.
The more i looked at the donor car (mine was a Falcon) the more I decided to graft into the Stang. Steering column, gives turn indicators, light switches, take the modern wiper motor gives intermittent wipers...... then the instrument panel as it works off the ECU. Even the in-tank fuel pump as it is matched to the EFI. As my donor car had electric windows and mirrors....... whay not?

Here is my photo album, you might get some ideas.

The end product is worth the mega hours, believe me.

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