66 mustang...lots of parts...whats it worth

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Feb 16, 2006
Admins, please move this if it is in the wrong spot.

alright, here it is.
1966 mustang
paint is fair
interior is fair
inline 6 with mild port work and ignition upgrades
t-5 with ford racing clutch and hydraulic clutch pedal
hurst short shifter
rear mid eye racing springs
front shelby springs
konis all around
urethane bushings
wilwood front disc brakes
9in floater with 10" wilwood disc setup in the rear
traction bars
custom rack and pinion (verified improved bump steer)
rewired using painless kit
nice exhaust
bullit wheels and new tires

A great reliable driver, so whats it worth?
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May 19, 2001
Pennsauken, NJ
Geez, sounds like my car, but my paint is really nice and the interior is new. I have over $25 G's into it (and it never stops by the way). I'd be happy if I got $16,000 for mine. Based on what I've been seeing locally (NJ) and on the web I'm probably low. How much do you WANT to spend?