67/68 factory overhead console?


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Jul 3, 2013
hello everyone,

I bought my mustang after it had been owned by numerous owners and supposedly after major accident repairs had been done. I had a Marti report done and it indicates the interior was maroon with a bench and the interior décor group. I discovered an overhead console in the trunk and I have been trying to determine if its original to the car. my car is in rough shape and I'm working on getting it into a decent condition. much of the wiring is hacked up, but I found a green wire that comes from the passenger side c-pillar, runs along the top of the rear windshield, and terminates into 2 bullet-style connectors. the wire has Fomoco writing on it so I know its factory, but I have a hard time believing the overhead console is original to the car since its not a GT car. the overhead console also has red bullet style lenses over the map lights instead of being recess mounted and clear. someone has clearly painted or dyed the console black to match the current interior, but you can see where the paint has scraped off revealing the original red color. the interior is now black vinyl with 2 passenger side bucket seats. is it possible that my car came with this option from the factory?
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It could have came with it or someone could have added it ,does it have the mounting brackets still attacked at the front and back of the roof ? If its not on the marti report someone may have added it ,i would run it if its in good shape.
it did have the mounting brackets still attached to the roof. i only found them when i tore down what was left of the headliner.
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