'67 mustang V6 to V8


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Jun 21, 2004
how hard is it to switch out a v6 from a '67 mustang up to a v8 such as a 351 or such...what all needs to be changed?

also, what are the pro's an con's of this year? im looking at buying a '67 mustang automatic V6...is there anything i should look out for?

whats a good place to buy some new parts for a '67? thanks
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New springs, differentail, transmission, conver to 5 lug plus a lot of other things. It almost isn't worth it unless you are dead set on that car. If I were you, I would hold out for a V8 mustang. The extra amount of time and money that you will have to put into this car to change it from an I6 to a V8 is A LOT more then the little extra you will pay to get a V8 mustang.
I have no idea why the 'classic tech FAQ' sticky is on the 'Talk Board" but here's a good link:

If you're near the SF bay area I have everything you'd need to convert an I6 to a V8. i.e. front end, 289, C4, drive shaft, 8" rear. and it's all still on my 67. I am replacing all of that with parts from my donor car. PM me if you're interested.
You will have to change the bellhousing on the tranny though. I am still doing my conversion and let me tell you. It has been alot more work than I ever thought. If you don't have money, time, patience, or the ability to control yourself and not build a super drag car then this is not for you. But if you have money, time, patience, want to have a true bonding learning experience, and don't care if you eventually turn your car in to a HP and Torque making monster then the conversion is the best EVER!
You can use the 6 cylinders suspension as in 67 everything is the same as an 8 cylinder except from the spindle out and the V8 cars had slightly stiffer springs. You will need engine mounts for the frame and engine. Most likely a V8 radiator and hoses. Not sure about the V8 mounting to the I6 tranny as I found a used V8 trans. when I did mine. That will pretty much get you running and you can upgrade the sway bar, springs, and convert to five lug when you want. A 302 or 351W will be the easiest swap. Try to find one with all of the pulleys and belts so you don't have to hunt around junkyards. If you add power, you will need to upgrade the trans. and rear end eventually.
im just finishing up my swap on my 66 the actual swap is easy once you have the stuff, its all stuff that should be replaced anyhow on a 35 year old car. putting spindles in there takes maybe a day, get a rear and bolt it in there.... really not that bad... motor mounts are easy.... i dunno why everyone is so against it 6 cyl cars are usually in better shape then the v8 ones anyhow.... good luck with the swap will probably take ya a month to do if you work on it steadily.
Hack, I beleive the bellhousings didnt become the same until later when the 250's came out. Early 200's had a high mount starter, later models had the low mount like small block v8s. If it were me I'd try to start out with a v8 car to begin with at all possible. But I really like the little I6 so I'm biased. :D