67 Vent Window Frames


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Apr 11, 2005
Does anyone have any feedback on the new vent window frames available from Mustangs Unlimited? If you have gotten the newest issue of Mustangs Monthly, you would have seen the article about these. My original ones from my 67 fastback would need rechroming, but I am wondering if that would be best, or if buying them new would be better. I have heard some rumblings about the new ones having poor fitment, but I figure "it looked easy and they looked right in the article", but of course that may not mean anything. If anyone has any feedback I would love to hear it before I spend a bundle on new ones. Thanks.

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Took me about a year to recieve them. When I first ordered them, they sent the drivers side. It was about an inch short on the top part and didn't fit very well. I can't say if it was the right part as this one appeared to have been used. It still had two drilled out rivets stuck in it. The two new ones look like they are the right size and will fit ok however the chrome looks a little thin, like its sprayed on, not dipped. I'm thinking about having the new ones re-chromed before I install them. :shrug:
These were around for a while, then they disappeared, presumably because they didn't come even close to fitting. Now they're back, and I was figuring perhaps the problems have been corrected, but I haven't tried the new ones yet. All I can say is that the previous repro ones I had couldn't be made to fit no matter what.