Engine 67 Water Pump Bolts

67 289, Factory Air, Power Steering, Front Power Disc Brakes, California Emission, Deluxe Pony Interior. Stored the past 27 years. In restoration stage.

A few years back I started the restoration of my 67 that has been in storage for 27 years. It had a cracked timing chain cover that I replaced, but I ended up with a water leak. Disappointed, I put the project aside. I started the project again by going back to the block and installed a new set of gaskets. Evidently, this was not needed because I found that the longest bolt (labeled EY) on the bolt kit drawing, which should be 5 inches long, is bottoming out in the block and not tightening the gasket. I removed the bolt and measured it. It was 5 1/2 inches long and looked to be a substitute from the original. However, a 5 inch bolt does not reach the block. This bolt goes through the emission pump/alternator bracket through the water pump and timing cover.

There seems to be water on the bolt threads. Could the bolt have caused a crack inside the block? I used a proper torque wrench setting each time the bolts were installed.
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i doubt it if it cracked the block ,the bolt would break first . it is probably leaking back in to the bolt hole from between the block and timing cover or water pump.
some bolts go into water passages as long as there is no outside leak ,or internal leak into the block it will not be a problem.
Thanks Jim (Hey You).

I don't think I did damage, but I did back the bolt out again and put some gasket seal on the threads and put it back in. I washered it up so that the bolt does not bottom out. Will start up the car this weekend after I re-build the original 4300 carb. Opened up the carb yesterday and it looks like mud in the bottom of the float bowl. Old gas looked like syrup.

I actually gave the car to my daughter on her 16th BDay in 1986. When she joined the AF 27 years ago and left the car in my garage. She gave me POA and wants me to get it back together and sell. It's a great car, but being nearly 80, I'm getting to old for Classics.
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