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my rearend will smell so minty fresh,
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Nov 29, 1999
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Figured id post up some more pics of the car. Been driving it almost daily bringing it to work to shows anywhere I want. With the amount of hours i put in at work I've had no time to finish up a lot of minor details on the car like the bumper, chipped paint on fender flares, and some interior work. But I do get to enjoy the time whenever I want so that's the upside to it all.
inter 2.jpg
Your shifter looks like it used to be on Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was aT1000.
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Sep 29, 2016
Long time no update. The car has been going great I have not had to put a wrench to it at all just drive it. With that being said I ended up getting side tracked and focused on building a drift truck. Plans for that are Honda k20 swap, turbo, explorer 8.8, Hydro ebrake Cadillac ats calipers and see where it goes. So far I've done vw recaro seats, Djm lowering kit front and rear, rear roll pan and explorer center console Wheels are my old LMR series 1 wheels 18x10 front and rear with 275/40/18.

Then I came across what seemed like the best deal ever 18x13 & 18x11 ccw classic race wheels tires are 335/30/18 and 285/30/18. Ive wanted these wheels for years but could not justify spending between 6-8K. The wheels fit very tight to my flares so now the plan is Maier 3inch flares front and rear. Change the front tires to 315/35/18. Then add t tops to the car and have everything molded and then repaint. Anyway here is a photo dump.

fox 89.jpg
fox 893.jpg
fox 897.jpg


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