70mm MAF


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Mar 28, 2010
I am going to install a trickflow upper and lower and 65mm BBK TB. I am looking for a MAF calibrated for stock 19lb injectors. Any ideas on place to find one or can I pull one from somewhere else? Just looking for one that I can convert and not have to spend 200-300 $ for it. Also do i need to change the MAF if I do all this or is it worth it?
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From what i have heard it restricts the system since is 55mm. I was going to try and upgrade to 70mm but all the ones i find are 200-300$. Mine still works but why upgrade to larger intake and TB if the MAF is small.
Here is the bottom line on going to an aftermarket meter with a 19# cal :D

Like tits on a bore hog ... Nothing to be gained there ;)

No aftermarket meter is gonna be as accurate as the OEM meter :Word:

I agree with all the above.

The stock unit is actually 75mm in diameter. There is a post that runs right through the middle that is about 5mm wide, so they consider the stock MAF to be a 70mm MAF. As long as you're still using stock injectors then there is no need to "upgrade" the MAF.