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I dIdn't say it was a GREAT investment, but he still came out ahead. The nice thing about a tangible asset is that you still have it if it no matter what.

Imagine if he had purchased a bunch of stock in internet companies - he would have been looking good until about 2000 - when they went to 0. Or if he bought an index fund, which is fine, but sold it when the bottom fell out in 2000 or 2009. Not a great investment then.

Just because it’s a tangible asset doesn’t mean it can’t lose value or be affected by the ebb and flow of the market just like anything else.

classic car prices take a beating in recessions as well. We’ve seen a housing bubble implode in recent history. Nothing is guaranteed.

Anyway, my point was simply that investing with a diversified portfolio would have netted a better gain than investing in a car. You’d have to be really lucky to own a car that appreciates at the same rate as even a moderately successful diversified stock portfolio.

This is all academic if owning the car has brought the owner some joy or other intangible that we can’t account for. If he literally bubble wrapped it and shoved it in a crate for 30 years... probably not worth it.
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Nov 29, 1999
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I doubt he was old when he bought it, and have no idea what being fat or white has to do with...well anything.

The Cobra was never an everyman car. It was a limited run that was probably going to appreciate at some point. This guy bought it almost 3 decades ago clearly as an investment and it's paying off now. It could have not paid off and the car could be worth less today than what he paid for it.

He took his chances. Good for him if he gets what he's asking. I wouldn't give him 75k for it, but I'm also not his target buyer.
Wow, I was asked by a skinny P.Rican kid half my fat white butts age why I drove my fox body to work everyday?He said I should keep it in the garage because it's a classic.He keeps his evo and only drives it on weekends.My reply , my reply: I enjoy the crap out a my car, I bought it to drive it and drive it for fun.They'll have to pry my dead ass out of it and get my wife to sell it to them.He never asked again.
My bad..Sorry if I misspoke. I’ll correct it.
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WAIT,you now have a pair?
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Apr 3, 2009
My bad..Sorry if I misspoke. I’ll correct it.
That's me.old(57),white(born in the USA), but not so fat( lost 49 lbs.)11 more lbs to loose and I'll get my new seats,or redo the original sport seats,haven't made up my mind on that subject.