'83 fender on a '91?

Aug 11, 2008
Can I modify a 1983 front fender to work on a 1991? I know that the fender extensions are different, but are the wheel arches different as well? I was curious if I could just trim the metal on the 1983 fender to accept the 1991 extension.

My original 1991 fender has seen better days, and I have a mint '83 fender I would like to use if possible. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I would go with the correct fender. The wheel opening is larger on the 91-93 to accommadate 16" wheels. No since hacking up a mint 83 fender when new ones are cheap. If you cut it and it doesn't look right, you won't be happy and will just end up buying a new one anyway. Buy the new one and sell the other one.
Seems like a good price from LRS. I was planning on reusing the fender mouldings and extension from the original fender anyway, so that may be the way I go. Can anyone chime in on quality, and fitment before I order one. Thanks

Edit: Nevermind, $135 for shipping?
Edit: Nevermind, $135 for shipping?

You can get one from ebay for ~$150 including shipping.

However, if you're in Mass, go to Mustangs Unlimited in Manchester Conn. It's ~1.5->2 hours from Boston.
Mustangs Unlimited Directions to our locations

Mustangs Unlimited - 91-93 Fender RH
Mustangs Unlimited - - 91-93 Fender LH

Make sure you call first to see if they have it on Manchester.

That's where I got my M2300K brake kit. I saved a lot on shipping. We just took the parts out of the big shipping box and put them in the back of my Stang. :)