83 GT Convertible 5.0 from Montana

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The door glass from an 83-86 convertible is the ONLY glass that will work... I just went through this as I needed a door glass for my 83 vert... I looked for months and finally one came up on EBAY......... The T-Top and Hardtop door glass will NOT work. ( I had to take back the hdtop glass the wrecking yard sold me).
Thanks! Got some work ahead of me. I thought that this was just a simple swap :oops:
Apparently you have to 'earn' the power, kinda like a video game, the more you play (post) and the longer you stay (gaining the next level) the more stuff you gain access to.
They seen fit to give me (moderate) super power because I'm less likely to figure out how to use it.
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