88 LX Running problem!!!


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Mar 8, 2006
I started my day off today by changing the 190l/ph pump out for the stock unit, this did seem to help as the car started well and was a bit smoother. Then when I was just about to set the timing it died and it was time for break. I came back to the car after and she would not start, so for half the day I was going crazy trying to find the problem there as I really didn't think it was from flodding at first since it was running when it died but sure enough it was flodded big time. I pulled the plugs and blew out the cylinders, now the car starts and I am able to get the idle to stay at 1500rpm and not a bit lower as it just starts hunting like crazy and dies.

Now I hooked the car up to a breakout box so I could check the values while running and hopefully find something wrong. I feel I did, this is the info I have from my tests.

MAF@ 1500rpm- 1.49-1.53v
TPS 2.93v
MAP or as it is now BP 3.46-3.47v

I had to stop the car as when I was setting in the seat doing all these checks I noticed the floor getting very hot, so I checked under the hood to see what was up and the converters were both glowing red. So I am not to sure but I am thinking now those are garbage. It was then the end of the day so I turn everything off and had to goto work.

One other thing and I really think this is a BIG deal, I was checking the TPS engine off key on with the breakout box and found I was not able to get it to go lower the 2.37v now this I am thinking must have a ton to do with why I am not able to get the car to idle and why it is running so PIG rich. I took it off and was still not able to get it to go any lower. Now keep in mind this is a new TPS that came with the BBK TB, so I took the old TPS off the stock TB and had the same findings.

I have a ref voltage of 5v and when I goto WOT it does as it should, it just wont go any lower than 2.37v. Should I try putting the black wire staight to ground or does this sound like another problem I am looking at?

Oh and for OverKill I am running stock 19lb injectors with a stock FPR and when I turn the key on engine off I have 35psi and when cranking it goes to 40psi.

Thanks for all the help with this everyone, tomorrow is the last day I am going to have to get this solved as I finish school friday and star my stage on Monday and won't be at the school anymore so the car has to leave.

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If I missed it, what values are you seeing for the VREF, signal return and TPS voltage themselves (individually)?

Jrichker has some nifty tips for tracing the wiring paths to find an issue, should you find VREF shorting the signal return, etc.

Good luck.