89 302 swap sputtering during regular acceleration


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Oct 16, 2021
I have a manual 89 mustang motor is from an 88 mustang
Stock maf sensor
19lbs injectors
70mm throttle body
Trickflow streetburner upper and lower intake manifolds
Aluminum Comp heads
B303 cam
Stock internals
top end is hardened pushrods with 1.6 roller rockers.
Ford racing roller lifters

im running the stock ecu and it idles fine ive replaced the spark plugs with copper autolites the wires with ford racing 9mm wires msd rotor and cap tried adjusting the timing whenever i give it normal throttle it spits and sputters until about 3000 rpms could it be it just needs a tune or is there something else i should check?
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I will try to be more helpful when you get back with the results of the General’s test suggestions.
The Stock ECU should run fine with those parts - IF nothing else is wrong. It might need a tune up, but a computer tune would be unhelpful until the bugs are worked out. The EECIV is flexible.
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