Engine 90 Lx Rough Idle


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Feb 24, 2014
What's up everyone,

I have a 1990 LX Convertible that I recently purchased for a project. It has 121k miles on it, and its not in perfect shape, but it runs strong. The problem I am having is I am idling around 600 rpm with small jumps in RPMs without touching the fuel pedal. I had a similar problem with my 89 GT and the TP Sensor fixed it.

Steps I Have Taken:

- Replaced MAF Meter & Sensor
- Replaced TPS
- Replaced Plugs & Wires
- Replaced thermostat with a 180, but the car still runs at 140 or a little higher.
- Replaced Brake Booster & Master Cylinder (had a vacuum leak)

Any suggestions on other steps I should take? My timing is currently set at 10BTDC. The car is mostly stock with a smog pump delete and CAI being the only exceptions. Throttle response does not seem to be where it should also. I plan on this car being a DD until I decide on what build to move forward with, so I want to get it running solid ASAP. Here is a pic because pics are cool. Lol.


Thanks in advance!
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