92 V8 conversion


New Member
Dec 4, 2006
well finally got this conversion totally done yesterday. been working 8 plus hours a day, only free time is after work or on the weekends. started the project on 3-15-07. not too bad for what i plan on doing with the car in the future lol. just gonna be a daily driver to work (bout 16 miles a day). also kinda did a little write up on it as i went. theres quite a few pics missing from when the camera took a dump, but oh well.

tell me what ya think, good or bad.


Edit: also forgot , all together i've spent roughly around 500 bucks, not too bad imo. not a nice clean car right now, but here in a few months it'll look better, gonna switch the 89 interior over to it and repaint it back to the factory silver or maybe a little darker.
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