94-95 alternator fit with fox?


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Mar 10, 2004
Hey guys, i need a cheap quick alternator solution. Mine is dead and im doing a clutch install when i get back from school on saturday so i need something quick and easy. Will a 94-95 alt. plug right into and fit right onto the fox body bracket and wiring? Also do the V6 stangs have the same output alternator as the V8's??? are there any other alternatives that are not in a mustang that may be easier to find in a junkyard? I just need somethin to work till the summer when i can upgrade to a 3G 130amp!!! any help would be greatly appreciated!!
thanks Nick
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Do you have any more information about this swap and what the wiring entails. If it is just changing a connector or something i dont mind, but i dont have the time to go all out here. By clearancing the braket do u just mean some shims or washers between where the Alt. mounts to the bracket? i suppose this is to get the pulley to line up with all the others??? thanks for the help i really appreciate it!
You have to radius the metal bracket that cradles the alt.
You have to get some 4 AWG cable and fuse protection (DON'T USE THE STOCK CHARGE CABLES - no matter what article you read).

Those are the highlights. See Monte Smith's page for the upgrade info, including years of 3G alts that are out there, etc. Mustang Central's website has an article with tons of pics if you are more visually inclinded.

Good luck.