94 Stang Carb swap


New Member
Apr 13, 2003
I have a friend that is swapping to a carb setup. I know what your thinking (Leave it alone). I am just the mechanic. When he bought the car, someone had pulled the AODE out and switched to a C4. It works, but they hacked on the wiring, so I don't feel that bad about switching. After looking at the EVTM, all I can see that I will lose is the cruise, since it works off the computer. He doesn't drive it on the street much, so that isn't a big deal. Does anyone know of any specific problems that might occur besides the cruise. Thanks.
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if you goto "Fletch's carburated mustang" website and look under tech you will find detailed instructions to making the Carb swap and i dont think you will lose any of your gauges. You will probably lose the cruise conrol. And you will need to rig up something for the electric fan