95 shortblock


New Member
Apr 2, 2005
Looking at a 95 Shortblock. Got some ????

I have came across a shortblock from a 95 GT for $250. This is my first time dealing with motors. Is this a good deal? What should I look for when I check out the shortblock? Thanks

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a block thats price like that and that's 10 years old. has alot of miles, you can figure 100,000 or more.

IMO, i would stay away. but you didn't list what mods you have, or what your future mods, plan to be?

cause if you plan on building a stroker. and that block (that is for sale) is in good shape and not cracked or have stress cracks. then you could use the block to stroke it, and still keep the one in yor car till the new motor is done.

thats just an example, it really depends on your future plans and what you have to work with.