Interior and Upholstery 96-98 And 99-04 Rear Seats Interchangeable?

Kevin diaz

Aug 3, 2017
Hello guys, I'm new to, I just bought a 1996 mustang gt convertible. The last owner put a rear seat delete kit and my daughter really wants to ride in the back of the convertible. I've looked for weeks and it seems like 96-98 rear convertible seats in good condition are near impossible to find. I see alot of 99-04 mustang rear convertible seats for sale, do yall know if the 99-04 rear convertible seats will bolt right on and be a perfect fit for my 1996 mustang gt convertible? Also if the 99-04 mustang rear convertible seat belts will be a direct fit on my car as well? Thanks
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they should install just fine, they will just look a bit different, the styles and colors won't match exactly.

Awesome thanks for the info! I didn't wanna buy the 99-04 convertible rear seats online and be in trouble when they didn't fit! Now I can buy the rear seats with peace of mind, thanks!