96-98 cobra cost


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Jan 8, 2007
I am in the market (again) for a 1996-1998 Cobra with miles around 70,000 miles the cost of these cars seem to be just whatever the owner thinks it should be, there have been no consistencies whatsoever in the sell cost. So I figured I would ask you guys what is a reasonable price for one with the above standards??? (coupe)

Thanks alot for you inputs!!!:D
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Yeah, I've seen a lot of different prices for the cars everywhere. A lot of people on the Mustang sites swear to pay bottom dollar for one. I would check out the KBB and NADAguides price and shoot for the GOOD condition catagory only if it's in perfect shape.
Now I paid $12,500 for a 2 owner 99 Cobra vert with 74k and about $10k worth of receipted racing parts(receipts came w/ car) in Oct of 05. I actually found it on this site. It depends on how far you want to go and how fast you can get there. I went from Birmingham, AL (where Mustangs are big) to DC(where they aren't as big). I found it, contacted the seller, and 2 days later flew up and picked it up. I got lucky, he was wanting to roll it and it was just sitting in his garage( I think his wife had a little to do with it too). But cash in hand does a lot of negotiating itself. As for what you should spend, a friend of mine sold his 98 red Cobra vert just last year, 80k miles, and he got like $10,000 for his.